Browse Titles

Browse Titles displays the titles of all available documents in alphabetical order.


A Collection is a category of documents; generally, documents in a collection are classified together by a common theme or focus. Note: If there is only one collection (the collection of all documents), ResCartaWeb does not include options for selecting a collection.

Image Viewer

Image Viewer displays digital materials that you've selected for viewing, with page navigation and viewing tools, and Find (for searching within the current document).


Find performs a search of all text in the current document for your search terms.


A Hit is a page that contains one or more matches to the word or phrase you searched  for (using a Simple Search to search all documents, or Find to search within the current document).

ResCarta Foundation

ResCarta Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation established to meet a critical need - to create and use open standards so we can achieve interoperability among digital collections. It will develop the ResCarta standard, an open standard for the organization of digital collections. It will also serve as a repository for open software tools and libraries that implement the ResCarta standard.


ResCartaWeb is a web browser-based application for accessing your ResCarta-format digital materials within the familiar environment of a web browser.

Simple Search

Simple Search performs a search of all text in all documents in your collection for your search terms.